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Braiding Sweetgrass
The New Bottoming Book
The New Topping Book

The Sacred Texts Archive
Free SF Online
Luminist Archives


Outer Wilds
Hollow Knight
Disco Elysium
DnD 2nd Edition


The Garden of the Mind
A Person Paper on Purity in Language (satire!!!)
In Praise of Idleness
The Gradual Extinction of Softness
A Death Full of Life
Body Ritual Among the Nacirema
Why Gandalf Never Married
Death to Minimalism
Who Goes Nazi?
Particularly Keen on Sheparding
The Perfect Wall
Aliens and First Contact Protocols

Communism, transhumanism, feminism, transsexualism, homoeroticism: an essay collection on the meaning of life

These are not my work, I've seperated them out from the other essays for all you lovely freaks

A Cyborg Manifesto
My Words to Victor Frankenstein above the Village of Chamounix (Performing Transgender Rage)
Augmenting Human Intelligence
Monster Culture: Seven Theses
I Love My Untouchable Virtual Body
Aint I a Woman (bell hooks)
Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence
The Laugh of the Medusa
Visual Pleasure in Narrative Cinema
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
A serious proposal to the Ladies, for the advancement of their true and greatest interest
The Uses of The Erotic (Audre Lorde)

Short Stories

The Truth
The Hydraulic Emperor
Jackalope Wives
The Nine Billion Names of God
The Works of Italo Calvino
The Maker


Kill Six Billion Demons
Stand Still, Stay Silent
Mare Internum
Walk in The Woods Zine


Laika Poetry Collection