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This site has my personal projects (historical instruments and historical textiles, costuming, conlanging, spreadsheets, philosophy, poetry, economics, gardening, environmental news, stories of all kinds, and whatever else I was feeling the day I last updated the site. ). It also functions as an easy way for me to keep things for later. Not everything here is suitable for children. If you are a child: you can use this as an excuse to hang out with a cool adult and look at this website together.


I am
alien, butch, dyke, eclectic, gentleman, philosopher, poet, queer, sir, transhumanist, treehugger, wizard, man of science/ woman in STEM
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skeleton erotic banner with skulls
aromatic // Forest Undergrowth

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 surveilance mode a blue lava lamp  a sonar screen of a map of earth

Born on: October 30, 2023

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